Over the past few decades, India has developed on several grounds. Whether it was bringing innovations in the business or evolving with the dynamic technologies, India has set its benchmark in every possible industry. 

Just like any other domain, online learning in India has been increased at a staggering rate. Transforming from the traditional face to face learning, eLearning has enabled students to study from the comforts of their homes. It is quite irrelevant even to think “is India the best market for online study?”. Undoubtedly, Indian educational institutes provide best-in-class online learning services to students across the world. Whether it is a professional faculty or unique learning features, India is undoubtedly a famous market for online study in the world. 

Unlike any other learning approach, eLearning is cost-efficient and convenient for students. They can easily mold their schedules with the online classes. It provides them with the ease to learn at their own pace. Here are a few reasons to start thinking about online learning

Learn More Than From A Offline Course

According to a study conducted by IBM, students tend to learn five times more topics/subjects using multimedia content compared to handwritten notes. Online learning enables students to make their own learning pattern that further help them gain more knowledge over a period of time. 

Higher Retention Rate

It is scientifically evident that things we listen and see together tend to retain in our minds longer than the ones we only read or listen. According to the Research Institute of America, students who are enrolled in an online course have increased retention rates from 25-60 percent. The multimedia content used in online learning provides an innovative approach to grab the matter. 

Less Investment of Time

There’s no doubt in asserting that traditional offline course requires more time than eCourse. The time generally involves the commute to the institute, waiting for the faculty, intervals between the lessons. Online learning, on the other hand, skips your commute, provide faculty 24*7, and enable you to set you learning schedule according to your preference. 

Frequent Assessments

One of the most significant advantages of an online course is that assessments become a process rather than a task. Students can continuously engage in assignments, tests, quizzes in order to gauge their learning capacity and current position. With an online learning course, students can keep track of their progress and become their own tutor to rank themselves. 

Greener Option of Learning

It is quite an undeniable fact that traditional offline learning increases paper manufacture that adversely affects our environment. Online learning, on the other hand, is a much greener option and safer for the environment. Ecourses use multimedia content that is stored online. According to The Open University Britain research, online course produce 90% less energy and emit 85% lesser CO2 compared to a traditional course. 

Apart from convenience and cost, there is a myriad of benefits for adopting online learning over traditional learning. The above mentioned were some of the best reasons that can compel you to go for an online course rather than its’ offline version. Stop thinking whether India is a good market for online study or not, and start finding some excellent online courses to enjoy the perks of eLearning. 

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