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According to a new study published in a journal, human beings have been sharing stories for 44,000-years. Right from the Indonesian cave arts to innovative infographics, everyone nowadays is telling plenty of stories. 

So, what is content marketing? It is a useful and relevant storytelling method that captures the attention of your targeted customers and helps them by resolving all their issues.

You must create content that is great and legitimately engaging. But it’s not required for your audience to be convinced to read your content; they will seek it out and consume it. 

The importance of content marketing:

what is content marketing
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In this B2B landscape, businesses are investing in content marketing programs. Why? Well, it’s because Content Marketing has proven itself to deliver resounding success to all types of business.

There are many ways through which content marketing can be highly beneficial to all marketers. To prove it, about 86% of the B2C marketers have claimed Content Marketing to be the ultimate strategy.

Content marketing stands out as a mission-critical technique for all businesses and helps drive sales, increase audience engagement, and develop your brand’s presence. 

What does content marketing look like in 2020?

what is content marketing
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Blogging is known as one of the most critical aspects of Content Marketing, but currently not the ‘name’ of the game. Blogging is about being dynamic by reaching all your potential customers through various platforms. 

You might be missing out on a big audience if you are using just one revenue for your business. Go for another form of content outreach like eBooks, TedTalks, Podcasts, Email Campaigns, Webinars, Videos, Influencer Updates, etc.

The 2020 analysis, which was done by Entrepreneur, has predicted that Content Marketing will expand to encompass the essentials of live-streaming, and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

Other essentials are content that is voice-search optimized, one-to-one interaction with customers through tools like Facebook Messenger, and personalized content, which adopts well with your customer-based on a location, collected data, etc.

The power of outstanding content and why your customers will love it:

what is content marketing
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There are many ways through which your potential audience will love excellent and engaging content. Take a look at the information down below!

  1. It’s anything but superficial: It doesn’t matter if your brand is big or small, your readers are well-aware that your content is unabashedly authentic, in-depth, and well-sourced. In this world of heavy Instagram filters, your potential customers are looking for something that is pretty much genuine, and it should be worth their valuable time.

    Please provide longer content than the shorter ones. It is because more extended contents dive in deep and are equipped with plenty of information and carry a higher perception of value than the crisp content pieces.

  2. Awesome content is uber-personalized: Each of the individuals across the globe utilizes the online platform differently. Many users expect that the algorithms will track their interests accurately and guide them to what they are looking for.

    With a similar ethic, Content Marketing is also known to cater to individuals. For instance, take a look at Youtube. Instead of using television to drive sales or the call-to-action method, YouTube algorithms opts for a tapestry of information and suggests ultra-individualized content, and it works. 

  3. It is known to be responsibly transparent: In this modern era, consumers not only engage with the brand, but they are also a part of the brand’s story. It also involves both the best and the worst times. A recent study shows that about 53% of the users have said that they expect the companies to demonstrate their responsibility on social media.

    They also need to be transparent about all the changes they make to their services and products. Although it might take just a little bit more effort, the transparency is pretty much worth it. If you want public trust in today’s world, you need the help of transparency. 

Get ready to grow your business with content marketing!

what is content marketing
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If new technology keeps developing and the potential audience continues to grow, Content Marketing will become more and more important as well.

With the help of Content Marketing, you can demonstrate your brand’s value, convert your consumers into action-takers, and build a community. 

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