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what is Anchor Text?

All you need to know about anchor texts
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Every brand needs to have search engine optimization (SEO) to develop their page and make it popular.

It helps in making the website user-friendly and also improves web design.

The first result will help the website in getting around a third of the traffic, and the second will help in gaining a fifth of the traffic.

So, if you aren’t on the first search, then you won’t be able to get organic traffic on your page. To improve your ranking, it is important to understand the use of anchor texts. Anchor texts are the words that help in linking the words you have chosen within the article.

Anchor texts are important because these are the words which further help in understanding the website.

It also helps in understanding the backlinks and on-site information.

It is very easy to spot the anchor texts because they are highlighted and underlined on the websites.

All you need to know about anchor texts
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It is very easy to create anchor texts because you just need to choose the keywords and hyperlink them with the relevant pages.

It is also essential to be very careful while doing this as it is the key to the linking strategy, and if you do not abide by the Google guidelines, then they can use it to penalize your website.

Always make sure that the anchor texts are relevant to the landing page and are naturally placed in the articles because Google can pick out the strange or out of the line words.

What are the different types of Anchor texts?

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It is important to decide and link your anchor texts naturally and to the relevant pages. You need to know what you are linking it with and how relevant it is with the pages.

Here are some different types of anchor texts:

Partial match- In such cases, the anchor texts have a much longer variation to the given a keyword like if the keyword is ’email marketing’ then it can be expanded to ’email marketing tactics’.

Exact match- The anchor word needs to be exact as the keywords, which means if it is ’email marketing’ then it should be ’email marketing’.

Branded- The anchor texts in such a situation needs to be the brand’s name.

Generic-┬áThe generic anchor texts mean something like ‘Click here’.

The value of linking strategy:source:

All you need to know about anchor texts
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As we have understood, anchor texts are the key to linking strategy.

Sometimes when you search for something, then these backlinks will help in connecting with the hyperlinks, and that’s how the anchor link will be valuable to the linking strategy.

Backlinks and hyperlinks are both valuable, and you should have both on your website as internal links.

It is easy to achieve this through content marketing and improved link building.

Anchor texts will also help improve Google ranking and help you attract more traffic on your website.

So, make sure that you are hyperlinking to the relevant websites because wrong hyperlinking can damage the website’s SERPs.

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