Land of Entrepreneurs

The dictionary definition of an entrepreneurs reads- “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”

India can easily be called the land of ideas, and entrepreneurship has resided in our code of conduct since immemorial times. We as a nation have had traders, farmers, artists who worked outside a formal employment structure, therefore unknowingly giving rise to a business and being an entrepreneur.

India as the Land of Entrepreneurs,

This unintentional development of businesses has led to the free-flowing sense of business. We can feel the flow of business acumen in our nation by the way we generate ideas and get the things done given the fact that we deal with resources that are limited in nature.

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Entrepreneurs in india,

India being a vast and humongous market gives an opportunity to the entrepreneurs to explore and try-out their ideas in the market. India provides a market as huge as it gets which becomes a playfield for the entrepreneurs. The Indian demographics allow it to be a land of entrepreneurs.

Not only it is providing a market base for the businessmen, but it also comes with all the risks that one can associate with entrepreneurship. Be it financial risk, legal risks, political risks, economic risks or market risk, you name it and the population of India could provide you with that risk. And as it is said that smooth roads never make good drivers, India has got many bumpy roads for the budding entrepreneurs who will definitely emerge as good drivers.

Globalization has also been an extended helping hand in making India the land of entrepreneurs as it helps in-

  • Striking the chords of innovation
  • Increasing the exposure
  • Increasing the adoption of technology
  • Better infrastructural opportunities
  • Growing awareness of the ongoing trends
  • Predicting the future scope

With the onset of use of the internet, generating ideas has become easier because the internet has seized the world and brought all market knowledge that one needs under a click. Budding entrepreneurs can gather all the information they need with conducting an extensive research online if not physically. Gathering information about the ongoing trends in different parts of the country, communicating with the residents of that part of the country has become easier, which in turn helps in penetrating deep into the market.

India as the Land of Entrepreneurs,

The extensive use of technology has forced the Indian businesses to shift from primary sectors to more tech-oriented service sectors. The Internet also acts an easy platform to voice an idea which makes gaining the funding easier and helps in reaching the masses much easier. Not only this, but the internet has also provided the platform to conduct a business online which helps in reaching a gigantic amount of people globally.

With so many pros assisting the existence of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship could easily be the future of our country.


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