Harsh Agarwal: India's King of Google Adsense and How Can You Become the Next Big Blogger

There are many successful Indian bloggers and content creators present today, but Harsh Agarwal started with his blogging journey when only a few could imagine of making a living through earning money online.

Making money on the internet in the contemporary world shouldn’t be perceived as a mode of side income but rather as a source of permanent income. The “Shout Me Loud,” superstar blogger Harsh Agarwal generates all his revenue from all the blogs he runs.

Shout Me Loud’s June 2017 income report will leave your brain in splits because it is hard to believe that this kind of money can be made through only blogging. And once you know how Harsh Agarwal did it, you will realize that the potential of blogging and internet marketing can transform your life.

There are no educational restrictions present for you to become a blogger; if you have content that is relevant to your target audience, then you can successfully run a blog.

How did Harsh Agarwal get into Blogging?

Harsh Agarwal: India's King of Google Adsense and How Can You Become the Next Big Blogger

The man made his first $10 online when he fixed a WordPress error on a digital point forum. This was the first time when Harsh realized that he could indeed make money online.

And out of curiosity and fun, Harsh decided to start a blog of his own, and he made $40 through Google Adsense in his first month. At the time he was also employed on a full-time job.

Harsh after six months into his part-time blogging now took a life-changing decision. He decided to quit his full-time job to focus entirely on his blogging career. And he did that 10 years ago in 2009, and one can only imagine how much Harsh must have had to convince his family. Earlier, in those days nobody thought that blogging can be pursued as a profession, but with times changing, it has become one of the most lucrative businesses around the world.

How did Harsh turn into one of India’s topmost blogger?

Well, it took time. It was not an overnight glory that directly dropped down into the lap of Harsh. The 32-year-old started researching on how he can build his blog through SEO tools. He read many blogs regarding the same and also learned about the blogging business through experimentation.

He bought domain names, became an expert on how monetary value can be generated through blogs. Harsh continuously made efforts and today he has a reached a level where he is listed in India’s topmost blogger’s list.

The Google Adsense revenues of Harsh’s blog were around 31 lakh rupees in the past seven years. Harsh’s total earnings in 2016 were $34,390 which is approximately 23 lakhs per annum. In today’s time Harsh works on multiple blogs and not surprisingly, all of them are successful ones.

This is how you can also become a successful blogger. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what really matters here is that you have content to offer and you are well-educated on how SEO tools are used and what are the ways through which you can make money online via running a blog.

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