Guest Blogging Rules All Blog Managers Wish You Knew

Guest blogging is one of the most fascinating things for a writer. It not only gives you a chance to get out and let a lot more eyes fall on your work. It also helps you bring in a crowd to your website. While you may be doing wonders on your website, you still need a chance to let more people be able to appreciate your work. But before you go on to get your guest blog ready, here are a few rules that all blog managers wish you knew before applying for a guest blog. 

 Get your homework done

Guest Blogging Rules All Blog Managers Wish You Knew

 The topic you chose to write on should be in sync with the website. Do not write your article beforehand and then go out looking for a website. 

 Do your homework, shortlist the websites you wish to publish your blogs on, read them in-depth, and then go on with choosing your topic. 

Make sure you have read their guidelines thoroughly before you pen down your blog. 

 Content should be unique and relevant


When you are writing for a different website then yourself, you have to make sure the content is relevant to its content and the style they follow. However, to mark your presence as a guest blogger, you need to give the topic a little twist. Express your idea on the topics they have already talked about in a different variation.

 While creativity is a must, going too out of the box is not the ideal deal here.

Remember, you are not writing for the audience of your website, you are writing for the audience of a different website. They feed on different kinds of information, the flow of content, style, and ideas. Try and match that but with a freshness in style.

 Also, make sure your content is exclusively unique and original to get it published, or the manager would reject it in the first go itself.

 Work with the guidelines

Guest Blogging Rules All Blog Managers Wish You Knew

 Every single website follows a set of rules for their content and the style of their work. The list of rules, called the guidelines can be too long and at times too short. It can be restricted at times and it can be giving out the most freedom at times.

 Whatever the guidelines say, the most important part is to refer to them.

Missing out on the guidelines, or violating them can cause serious trouble for you.

Most of the time, a blog manager would not even go through your entire blog if you haven’t worked referring to the guidelines. Do not even think your blog post is even going to make it to the website in this condition.

 If the manager is willing not to reject your post altogether, he may give you another chance but that will be your only chance on the website.

 Guest blogging is called guest blogging because it is not mandatory for the blogger to post on the same website consistently.

But to attract traffic, this is the one thing you really need to follow the guidelines.

 Select your targets

 Considering the audience you target to get back to your website, it is extremely important to pay attention to the target website.

Make a list of the websites that share similar content as your website but have an immense follower base and allows guest posting. Then shortlist them in order to get the maximum result out of your content. Analyze and ensure the reach of each blog they share on to the audience. Then select the ones you wish to go for. This will save you from posting your hard work on a website that does not work right for your target base.

 Take care of the process

Guest Blogging Rules All Blog Managers Wish You Knew

 Every single sight has its unique rules and its unique process of submission of the article. Once you are done working on your blog, sit back and relax. Let the manager of the website work and run on the process.

It sometimes can be instant and sometimes it can take more than a week for the process. Respect it no matter how long it takes or the steps it includes. It is going to work.

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