Create Your Digital Marketing Strategies

By 2012, 67% of the marketers did not have an online presence, or a website, for that matter, but this figure reduced to 44% in 2016. Why do you think this change occurred? Because companies started realizing that having an online presence does wonder in their marketing strategies.

Combine your digital marketing strategies with your company’s marketing strategies and notice the change in numbers and figures yourself.

But why would you do that, why would you need a digital marketing strategy, is the question of the day. So, let’s get down an answer it!

Six reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Strategy—

  • It gives you direction

The rule is simple, you don’t have a strategy, you don’t have a direction. You wouldn’t know how to allocate resources to the marketing activities and you wouldn’t know whether you are progressing towards your target goal.

  • Helps to develop an Effective Value Proposition

There is a huge amount of competition everywhere, and in order to, not lose yourself in the crowd, you need to do something that differentiates you from others. A well-developed digital marketing strategy helps to achieve just that.

  • Helps to understand the market share

Doesn’t matter how many Digital Marketing degrees you have, without proper strategy build-up, you would easily lose the race. Moreover, it is very probable you will not understand the fluctuation of the online market without a proper strategy.

  • Shun time and resource-wasting duplication

There are times when different sectors of the same marketing department buy different resources for completing the same task. A proper digital marketing strategy can prevent that waste of resources and time.

  • You understand your customers better

There are many feedback tools available online; these tools will help you to get to know your client better. Using these tools, you can groom your products and services according to your customer’s requirements.

  • Avoid disintegration risks

Digital Marketing is most productive when done with response channels and traditional media bears better results.

So, now that you know why should have a digital marketing strategy, the next important thing is how to integrate this strategy with overall marketing strategy.

How is the final Overlapping done?

This six-step guide, developed by Moz, will tell you everything you need to know about this integration.

  1. Know how you can adjust marketing within your organization
  2. Discover the problem before setting up the marketing goals
  3. Know which marketing channels to invest in
  4. Develop objectives according to the marketing channels
  5. Invest in resources for the marketing activities

Analyze results and then reallocate or expand the resources as required

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