international content marketing
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Content marketing is a powerful technique that helps B2C and B2B businesses to grow and establish their digital presence.

This is pretty much right, as 62% of the B2C marketers are committed to content marketing to grow their business.

Apart from that, about 91% of the B2B marketers are already using it to reach all their potential customers.

But when the time comes to cross the seas and expand your reach, your marketing tactics should be modified to cohere to your international market or markets. 

 How to create a proper global strategy for content marketing?

international content marketing
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International content marketing aims towards the entire world, where you need to create an appropriate and tailored content by-country basis.

To create the best content for the whole of the globe, several tips that you follow for the international content marketing strategy will help you expand your business in the international waters. The tips are:

  • Get to know your audience and their locality: 

    international content marketing
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It is something that you get to hear a lot of times, but it’s for a good reason.

It’s not possible to launch a successful marketing strategy if you do not know your audience. You cannot blindly place your content online and think that someone will read it.

It is not sufficient, and there is no logic in it as well. You must know the ins and outs of the nations you want to target. That means you need to know about local holidays, terminology, newsworthy events, and politics.

You also need to know how much it differentiates from your organization’s locality (for example, its “soccer” in the USA, and everywhere its “football”).

  • Have a proper understanding of the cultural differences and restrictions:

    international content marketing
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Through internal content marketing, you can resonate with cultures and people who have outlooks, values, beliefs, and sensitivities in life that is different from what you are used to within your lifestyle.

Don’t just concentrate on the translations and languages; go for a local perspective when producing global content. What appears to be funny and reasonable to your eyes will be the opposite of a different culture.

For instance, a Tesco store in London set up an aisle for the “Smokey Bacon Flavor Pringles,” It had a message that said “Ramadan Mubarak.” 

So, what’s the problem here? Firstly, the display was out during the festival of Ramadan, and the store is located near one of the most significant Muslim worship places in Europe. It triggered plenty of conversation among Muslim shoppers online.

Even though the shop has confessed gaffe in their statement, it’s an outstanding example that shows you need to pay attention to the local consumer, their product messaging, and their culture. 

  • Target consumers through the paid social media campaigns:

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Even though organic engagement is an important goal, there are some things you can do when you have a specific target or are new to the game.

Currently, free social media is no longer useful as platforms are increasingly encouraging and favoring ad campaign tools.

If you aim to narrowly target your ideal consumers anywhere in the world, then using paid social media campaigns will be the right thing to do.

You can sit in your home’s basement in Kentucky and target females of 34 to 35-years of age in Mumbai, India, who are interested in cosmetics. You can do so by using social media promotion tools

  • Feature the most recognizable, local, and relatable figures:

    international content marketing
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Local figures and influencers are said to be the central part of the content market. But this particular strategy will not have a good impact on your bottom line if the people who are featured are not relatable, or recognizable to the local market. 

For example, take yourself to be a beauty brand, and you want to market a brand-new makeup line in India. So, whom do you think your viewers will resonate more with Priyanka Chopra or Kirsten Dunst? The answer is pretty clear, though.

It’s because the buyers who wish to reach will quickly notice if you choose Priyanka for that advertisement campaign.

That shows that experts and local figures will attract the right individuals, but they can also help you create content that can be communicated in a way received well by your targeted audience. 

 Ending Note!

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If you want to target the local consumers through a global scale, you need a proper approach.

You need to take the time to understand different markets and what they need from you. By doing so, you gain plenty of support from the global customer base.

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