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Backlinking is one of the most powerful tricks in the SEO book, and it helps in building the content well.

Relevant and high authority backlinks can help in boosting the SEO and the content on your blog, which will further improve the SEO performance for the blog.

Search engines first see your blog and take the content into consideration then review the links for building the page. You can spend hours building backlinks and relationships, but the best way to grow the network is by building the most linkable content for the website.

Here are some ways to curate the most linkable content for your website:

Make the first move:

Linkable content
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If you want to build good linkable content, then you need to first link the website with other authority links because that will help your page in getting famous.

If you are writing a post about some topic, then you can link it with the blogs of the same experts who write about it.

For example, if you are writing something about marketing, then you can link it with other blogs from marketing experts.

Also, it is essential to make sure that you have quality content, and the backlinks are also good.

Slowly, you will start attracting traffic to your page, and it will start becoming popular.

Produce powerful content:

Linkable content
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It is the second step and the most important one to produce compelling content for your page.

Make sure that the content that you are curating is powerful and holds a lot of information for the viewers.

You need to provide solutions to the viewers, answer their questions through your content, and also make sure that the content is new and interesting for them. If the viewers start finding solutions and valuable information through your content, then they will keep visiting your page for more content.

You can share and talk about a lot of great topics, but you need to make sure that all of them are relevant and useful for the people who are going to read it.

The more powerful the content is the more traffic you will have on your page, and it will also become linkable content that will help your page in becoming popular.

Build a story:

Linkable content
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Nowadays, experts and readers are more interested in reading stories on the internet.

If you post your content in the form of a story, then they will be more interested in going through the content because it will make them interested in knowing what is going to happen next.

Creating stories is a great tip for creating linkable content. You can also start involving visual elements for your stories because that will make the audience more interested in the content that you are curating on your website.

There are various creative ways to make your content shareable and linkable.

You can start using visual elements, animated elements, pictures, and much more to make the storylining more interesting.

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